Climate Change: A Pesky Little Molecule and How It Can Change the World as We Know It

Eric Burgess will speak on “Climate Change: A pesky little molecule and how it can change the Earth as we know it” The talk will cover a brief history of climate change, the greenhouse effect and the eventual origin of the world’s coal, oil and natural gas supplies. He will discuss how in current times the use of such hydrocarbons is changing the climate as we know it and the ways that is detrimental to humanity’s future. Eric will also debunk many of the climate change denier myths and close with some brief comments on public policy

Eric was born and grew up in Greenwood, IN. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Wabash College with a degree in physics. In the early 1990’s he served in the US Peace Corps for two years teaching science and English in Malawi, Africa. He has lived in Ohio since 1995 and owns a Microscope business. He currently lives in Seven Mile with his wife Lara Askill and daughter Alida. Lara is currently the Chrisholm farm manager for Butler Co Metro Parks.

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