Yes it's True! A Thriving Amish Community Once Existed in Butler County, Ohio

This 6 Episode Series traces the origins of the 19th century Amish who emigrated from Europe to Butler County, the growth of the settlement, conflict, the ultimate disappearance of Amish affiliation, and factors that influenced the outcome

Episode 1 - Introduction
Episode 2 – What's In a Name – Amish or Mennonite?
Episode 3 – Coming to America
Episode 4 – The Hessians Are Coming
Episode 5 – The Big Split Episode
6 – Butler County Amish Community – Success or Failure?

Remarkable Richter, A Video

Charles Richter most noted for his development of the Richter Scale that measures an earthquakes intensity was the great, great-grandson of Catherine and Christian Augspurger, the Amish pioneers to Butler County, Ohio in 1819.

Remarkable Richter

Friends of Chrisholm - Beginnings Video

Friends of Chrisholm
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